How to be a distinguished project manager?

How to be a distinguished project manager?

The distinguished project manager is the magic wand that transforms the project from an idea into a tangible reality. The idea, no matter how excellent and distinctive it is, cannot create a successful project, unless there is a manager capable of making the project a success, creating solutions to any problem, and overcoming obstacles and challenges.

In order to be a distinguished project manager, there are a set of attributes and skills that you must have:

First: skills.

1- Carry out the tasks required of you.

The distinguished project manager is the one who performs all the tasks that he must do, such as developing a solid plan, vision and goals, following up the progress of work with the work team, encouraging and motivating them to do their best, and discussing with them about the work.

The successful manager is not the one who sits in his elegant, air-conditioned office issuing orders and instructions on the phone while he is sipping coffee, but rather he is active, wandering around, always in the heart of the event, and evaluating the situation himself based on what he sees himself and not by hearing the words and opinions of others.

2- Good communication and good listening.

Of course, the manager will deal with different people and personalities, whether they are employees, workers, customers, owners of other companies, or even official or government agencies.

In order to be a distinguished project manager, you must communicate with everyone well and effectively and listen to them well. Because good listening will open new horizons for you, as it will teach you how to exploit the capabilities of employees, how to convince customers and other companies, and how to reach agreements that satisfy all parties.

3- The ability to find innovative solutions and overcome obstacles.

The project may face some problems and obstacles, so the project manager must be able to find realistic solutions to them, have farsightedness, and not base his solutions on assumptions or guesses.

As for the distinguished project manager, he is the one who finds an innovative solution that may turn that crisis or problem into a strength for the company or project.

If you want to be a distinguished project manager, you must innovate around all problems and eliminate the word impossible from your dictionary.

Second: personality traits.

1- Patience and wisdom.

Sometimes the work team makes mistakes and may misplace things. Here, the distinguished project manager must know when to direct and when to blame, when to use firmness and when to use softness.

He must also be patient with employees and while dealing with customers, and exercise self-control so that he does not get angry, no matter what happens.

2- Calm and well behaved.

Have you thought that the project manager may be the cause of problems and obstacles? Yes, it happens a lot when the manager is nervous, has no foresight, and hasty decisions. Which leads to major problems with the work team, clients, or other companies.

If you want to be a distinguished project manager, you have to be calm and emotionally stable, to make the right decisions, and to behave well so that things do not escalate.

3- Clarity, specificity and lack of ambiguity.

There is a prevailing belief that ambiguity makes the manager successful, but the reality is the opposite, as ambiguity increases the chances of misunderstanding between the manager and the work team, and weakens the spirit of cooperation between them.

If you seek to be a distinguished project manager, you must be clear and specific, and tell the team your ideas and opinions, and this will not make you an open book that is easy to read, but it will increase mutual trust and cooperation.

Project management is a major responsibility, and therefore the manager must be keen to be distinguished, successful and popular, and do his best to make the work a success and bring out the best in the work team. The successful manager is the one who knows how to benefit from the expertise and experiences of others, and how to create an atmosphere A stimulating and comfortable environment for employees to be creative.

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